Snoopy Run 2018- Segway with Osmo
CK Chan

During the recent Snoopy Run (Singapore) 2018 at Bedok Reservoir, we brought down our Posmo and drone to capture interesting and memorable moments in the event.

Canberra MRT Video- Near Completion
CK Chan

Canberra MRT Station is an upcoming above-ground station along the North-South Line (NSL).

VR 360 aerial drone photography
360 Aerial: Total Immersion from Above
CK Chan

360 aerial photography is now trending because of the technologies made available with the latest drones and stitching softwares.

Stamford Canal Diversion – 4 Year Video
CK Chan

The Stamford Diversion Canal, together with the Stamford Detention Tank, strengthens flood protection for the Orchard Road shopping belt.

Drone Advertising is Taking Flight
CK Chan

Drone Advertising is a new and exciting way to take traditional banner advertising to a whole new level.

Skyshot Filming Singapore’s First Polder Project
CK Chan

Skyshot has been awarded a new video project to document the new land reclamation work in the northern area of Pulau Tekong.

Tuas desalination plant-aerial shot by skyshot
Tuas Desalination Plant Construction Video
CK Chan

The Tuas Desalination Plant, which can produce 30 million gallons of drinking water a day, will help to meet up to 30 percent of Singapore’s current water demand.

tethered drone aerial filming by skyshot
Tethered UAV – Drone in “No-Fly” Zones
CK Chan

Singapore is a very challenging location to fly drones. Our limited airspace is shared with one of world’s busiest airport.

Event Live Aerial Filming for Avengers – Infinity War
CK Chan

The Skyshot Drone team was assigned as the aerial coverage team for the Avenger Infinity War red carpet event in April 2018.

Cleantech 3 – Long-term Time-lapse Setup
CK Chan

Skyshot crew installed 2 units of the Titan2 time-lapse camera to document the construction of Cleantech 3.

NDP- floating platform-titan2 timelapse camera
NDP Parade 2018 – 3 months time-lapse of the build-up
CK Chan

Skyshot just set up a Titan2 time-lapse camera to capture the build-up at the floating platform for NDP 2018.

Bizsafe 3 – Safety Standards Certification
CK Chan

Skyshot is Bizsafe 3 certified. This certification is crucial for our works in engineering, construction site.

Bronco 3 – Filming in UK
CK Chan

Made in Singapore amphibious vehicle making a splash on UK off-road track.

BBC – Drone Filming of Otters
CK Chan

A London – based BBC wildlife team came to Singapore for 2 weeks in Dec 2017.

2 year Time-lapse Project for Marina Bay Sands
CK Chan

The time-lapse cameras will capture a new construction project at the Marina Bay Sands waterfront.

Time-lapse Video of Aircraft Painting – Flybondi
CK Chan

Skyshot Singapore produced a 2-week time-lapse video with the Tbox Titan2 time-lapse cameras.

6 Tips on Indoor Drone Filming
CK Chan

Working without GPS is just one of the few challenges we face when filming indoors.

construction and engineering video production
A Survivor’s Guide to Industrial Filming
CK Chan

Working in industrial sites requires special attention to safety, so here are some survival tips.

Inspire1 controller with a monitor for aerial filming
Drone Hack – Adding a HD Monitor to your Controller
CK Chan

This is a simple hack to overcome the intermittent and lagging display that plagues the second controller of the DJI Inspire 1. The solution is a HDMI video monitor that produces consistent visuals to aid your gimbal control.

Posmo - Aerial filming on a pole
Posmo – (Pole + Osmo) an Alternative Aerial Camera
CK Chan

The Posmo (Pole + Osmo) is a rig consists of an audio boom pole with a DJI Osmo & smartphone attached to it. The Pole can extend to a maximum height of 4 meters, which is a decent height for an over-the-head perspective of the shooting location.

skypole- telescopic pole for timelapse & aerial filming
Skypole – Aerial Platform for Time-lapse & Filming
CK Chan

We use the Skypole a lot for our aerial filming & time-lapse projects. This is the ideal setup when we need to ensure a stable and secure remote camera platform for a top view camera angle. This is a weather-proof heavy duty telescopic platform that can support a payload of up to 20 kg.

Hyundai - Changi East construction project Titan2 timelapse camera
2 Year Time-lapse for Hyundai Construction
CK Chan

Today, Skyshot installed 2 units of the Titan2 Time-lapse cameras on a new project for Hyundai Construction. The camera will document the land reclamation at Changi East. Slated to complete in late 2019, this 2-year time-lapse project will be shooting at 15 minutes intervals in 6K resolution.

Funan Bridge Removal – a 6 time-lapse camera production
CK Chan

On 2 August 2017, Skyshot had 6 Titan2 time-lapse cameras documenting the removal of the bridge. Preparations for the overnight job took place the day before, with roads later closed off and buses diverted from late night to early morning.

skyshot crew attaching the crane cam for aerial photography
The Crane Cam: Rising up in Drone Dead Zone
CK Chan

The genesis of the Crane Cam came a result of the UAV no-fly rules sanctioned by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (or CAAS) within 5-kilometres of all aerodromes in Singapore.

aerial cinematography tools for aerial video & photo
6 Tools in an Aerial Cinematographer’s Bag
CK Chan

The fundamentals of aerial filming are similar to the conventional outdoor shoots that I’m used to. But after 3 years of working as an aerial cinematographer,  I pick up some tools that help me in my drone filming assignments.

drone aerial filming shoot with Inspire 1 drone
Secrets to a Successful Drone Shoot
CK Chan

In the last few years, aerial filming with a drone has become considerably more affordable. Here are some tips to keep in mind when filming with a drone.

4K vs HD comparison
Time-lapse – Why we shot in 4K & 6K
CK Chan

Most long-term time-lapse projects we manage are building constructions that last for 3 to 5 years from start to completion. With 4K TV becoming the new standard in the world of digital video, more video content will follow suit over the next few years.

Titan2 time-lapse camera setup in Singapore
5 Must-haves for a Successful Long Term Time-Lapse

The success of a long term time-lapse hinges on the right choice of location and equipment. Here are a few must-haves for successful long term time-lapses.