Skyshot is Bizsafe 3 certified. This certification is crucial for our works in engineering, construction site.

Made in Singapore amphibious vehicle making a splash on UK off-road track.

A London – based BBC wildlife team came to Singapore for 2 weeks in Dec 2017.

The time-lapse cameras will capture a new construction project at the Marina Bay Sands waterfront.

Skyshot Singapore produced a 2-week time-lapse video with the Tbox Titan2 time-lapse cameras.

Working without GPS is just one of the few challenges we face when filming indoors.

construction and engineering video production

Working in industrial sites requires special attention to safety, so here are some survival tips.

Inspire1 controller with a monitor for aerial filming

This is a simple hack to overcome the intermittent and lagging display that plagues the second controller of the DJI Inspire 1. The solution is a HDMI video monitor that produces consistent visuals to aid your gimbal control.

Posmo - Aerial filming on a pole

The Posmo (Pole + Osmo) is a rig consists of an audio boom pole with a DJI Osmo & smartphone attached to it. The Pole can extend to a maximum height of 4 meters, which is a decent height for an over-the-head perspective of the shooting location.

skypole- telescopic pole for timelapse & aerial filming

We use the Skypole a lot for our aerial filming & time-lapse projects. This is the ideal setup when we need to ensure a stable and secure remote camera platform for a top view camera angle. This is a weather-proof heavy duty telescopic platform that can support a payload of up to 20 kg.