The Stamford Diversion Canal, together with the Stamford Detention Tank, strengthens flood protection for the Orchard Road shopping belt.

Drone Advertising is a new and exciting way to take traditional banner advertising to a whole new level.

Skyshot has been awarded a new video project to document the new land reclamation work in the northern area of Pulau Tekong.

Tuas desalination plant-aerial shot by skyshot

The Tuas Desalination Plant, which can produce 30 million gallons of drinking water a day, will help to meet up to 30 percent of Singapore’s current water demand.

tethered drone aerial filming by skyshot

Singapore is a very challenging location to fly drones. Our limited airspace is shared with one of world’s busiest airport.

The Skyshot Drone team was assigned as the aerial coverage team for the Avenger Infinity War red carpet event in April 2018.

Skyshot crew installed 2 units of the Titan2 time-lapse camera to document the construction of Cleantech 3.

NDP- floating platform-titan2 timelapse camera

Skyshot just set up a Titan2 time-lapse camera to capture the build-up at the floating platform for NDP 2018.

Skyshot is Bizsafe 3 certified. This certification is crucial for our works in engineering, construction site.

Made in Singapore amphibious vehicle making a splash on UK off-road track.