Cleantech 3 – Long-term Time-lapse Setup

Skyshot crew installed 2 units of the Titan2 time-lapse camera to document the construction of Cleantech 3.

This will be a 3 year time-lapse video project near NTU. Cleantech 3 is a 2 Blocks, 7/8 Storeys multi user R&D facility. Developed as part of Singapore’s first eco-business park, this 50-hectare park retains the natural environment and biodiversity of the area and serves as a choice location for forward-looking corporations that embrace environmental sustainability.

Titan2 time-lapse camera is a DSLR based long-term time-lapse system that can be powered by solar or AC. It is wholly developed by Skyshot and now distributed to over 18 countries world-wide.

Besides time-lapse video production, Skyshot also provided drone aerial filming for this project.

titan2 timelapse camera with solar panels, filming cleantech3

titan2 timelapse camera at cleantech3


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