skyshot-heli-borne photography singapore

While drones are limited to a maximum operating height of 60 meters by CAAS, helicopters can fly much higher and longer than drones. Thus the area of coverage is significantly larger than drones. Skyshot regularly conducts heliborne aerial photography for large-scale projects like the reclamation project in Pulau Tekong. We have also done helicopter aerial shoots in regional countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Crane Cam - Stabilized Camera attached to an industrial crane

Secured to an industrial crane, the Crane Cam is a remote control DSLR camera system for high-resolution aerial photography. The key advantage of Crane Cam is the ability to shoot in drone no-fly zones. One example is the LTA road construction project near Paya Lebar Airport where drone flights are prohibited. With the Crane Cam, we are able to conduct monthly aerial filming for this project.

Drone Advertising is an innovative and exciting way to take traditional banner advertising to the higher level, literally. We have the know-how to fly your brand, logo, and message from a unique aerial platform. We have experience flying advertising drones for indoor and outdoor events & festivals and even TV productions. Drone banners can also broadcast your personal message to your loved one in a wedding proposal. We can also customize the drones to better represent your brand. Say it with a drone.

Drone lessons and courses by Skyshot Singapore

Skyshot regularly conducted 1 day workshops for media schools interested in drone aerial filming. We introduce our students to the fundamentals of flight controls and drone safety with both classroom theory and hands-on outdoor drone operation.
Our 2-day workshop focus on aerial cinematography & 2-men drone filming. It’s a professional course made for filmmakers who are interested in aerial cinematography. Classes are conducted in partnership with AV8 media, a certified media school in Singapore.