Client : Guan Joo Construction
Duration : 4 years – in progress
Job Scope : Our work for Guan Joo comprises of ground shoots twice a month, complemented by a drone aerial shoot every 3 months, and time-lapses from a single Titan 2 on-site. This will culminate in a final video combining footage from all 3 perspectives.

Client : Hyundai Construction
Duration : 5 years – in progress
Job Scope : Milestone events and processes make up the bulk of our job scope for Hyundai (and Samsung). Ground shoots (and sometimes time-lapses) were carried out on pre-arranged dates and immediately edited into videos for their own use.


Client : Or Kim Peow Contractors
Duration : 42 months – in progress
Job Scope : Our work on this project mainly involves monthly ground shoots for each contractor. Whenever possible, the shoot dates are arranged to coincide with important activities on-site. Time-lapses are also shot for large-scale activities, especially those involving Tunnel Boring Machines or TBMs. Upon completion, a final video for PUB will be produced.

Client : Santarli Construction
Duration : 7 years – in progress
Job scope : This reclamation project, along with Hyundai’s sector is will be one of the largest infilling projects in Singapore. To document this massive project that spans over 7 years, Skyshot is engaged to conduct aerial helicopter filming every 6 months. We also provide monthly ground progress filming & deployed several Titan2 Time-lapse cameras to capture the daily construction work.


Client : China State Construction Engineering Corp
Duration : 48 months – in progress
Job Scope : On this project, we carry out fortnightly ground filming to document progress on site as well as ad-hoc filming for important events such as trial erections and mock-up tests. At the end of each year, we produce annual summary videos for LTA, leading up to a final video upon project completion.

Client : Hyundai E&C
Duration : 7 years – in progress
Job scope: This is one of our largest projects as far as both duration and size go. We carry out monthly ground filming to document site progress as well as ad-hoc filming for important events. An aerial shoot with helicopter is also done every 6 months to show a better perspective of the entire site progress. 4 units of Titan2 Time-lapse cameras have also been deployed to complement the videos we will produce.


Jurong Port Upgrading project with timelapse & engineering video shoot

Client : Antara Koh
Duration : 3 years – completed
Scope : Our work for Antara Koh involved monthly ground filming to document site progress as well as ad-hoc filming for important events. Time-lapses of various durations were also shot to complement the ground footage, which we combined with interviews to produce the final video for them.


Aerial Drone photo of Macritchie Viaduct construction in Bukit Brown

Client : Swee Hong Ltd
Duration : 42 mths – in progress
Job scope : Our extensive work for Swee Hong begins with drone aerial photography and video twice a month. The videos from these flights are combined with footage shot monthly on the ground into monthly, quarterly and annual videos for LTA’s perusal. We will then conclude our work on this project with a final video, complemented by interviews.


Pinnacle@Duxton – for HDB

Client : HDB
Duration : Completed

Jurong Island Tunnel

Client : Ed Zublin AG
Duration : Completed