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Skyshot is one of Singapore's pioneering drone filming companies when we started our first drone operation in 2013. We regularly provide professional and reliable drone inspection services for clients in shipyards, construction, oil & gas industry. Our pilots are CAAS certified to operate our fleet of commercial drones for inspection and 2D/3D mapping services.   

Why Drones


Drones can cover a larger area faster than ground-based manual labour, saving you precious time.


Deploying a drone in the air is a safer endeavor, compared to workers on elevated platforms, scaffolding, and gondolas. 


The last few years have seen great advancement to drone technology, with better obstacle avoidance, GPS, monitoring & remote connection. 

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2D Mapping

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2D Mapping

In photogrammetry, a drone captures a large number of high-resolution photos over an area. These images overlap such that the same point on the ground is visible in multiple photos and from different vantage points. Detailed maps have many benefits from pre-planning, monitoring progress, and more. These high-resolution drone maps can provide a high degree of detail compared with widely used satellite imagery.


Volume & Distance Calculation

Volume measurement with DroneDeploy is an extremely fast, accurate, and cost-effective method to analyze volumes on your maps from any device. User tests have found that, when following best practices, DroneDeploy's volume measurements are accurate within 1-2% of traditional ground-based laser measurements. Our clients use the drone created 2D maps for measuring material stock-piles and other measurements. 

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Tethered Drone

Drone inspections within the Changi Airport's 5km drone no-fly zone cannot be done with a conventional drone, unless it is tethered. Our Lifeline Tethered Drone is approved by CAAS to operate inside no-fly zones. With a longer flight time of up to 3.5 hours, it can stay in flight longer than most drones.

Construction Progress Monitoring

The use of drones in construction has become the fastest growing commercial application of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The benefits are clear, drones provide a quick & easy way to obtain a bird's eye view of the construction project, from planning to discussion making and completion report.

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3D Mapping

3D reconstruction contains not only elevation/height information, but also texture, shape, and color for every point on the map, enabling easier interpretation by the user for planning, construction monitoring, building maintenance, and inspection. 

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Drone Inspection

In recent years, drone inspections are used widely in almost every industry that requires visual inspections as part of its maintenance procedures. Drones can capture images at very high resolution at heights that are difficult to reach manually. In many instances, drone inspections help inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations.

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Work Process

CAAS Permit

We will apply for a UAV activity permit from CAAS, which is required for all commercial drone flights in Singapore. The application takes about 5 to 15 working days.

Data Collection

We use DroneDeploy software to autonomously fly our drones. It collects data through hundreds of overlapping photos as the drone flies over the project site at multiple heights and angles.  


Aerial photos are uploaded and processed. In a couple of hours, the site is transformed into maps, 2D and 3D models for teams to remotely measure distances, calculate volumes.


The cloud-based project files are shared with our clients & project partners to collaborate on inspection results and details.

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Analyse & Report 

We use drone mapping software like DroneDeploy & Dynamic Edge that allows us to share the cloud image data with our clients seamlessly. 


2D / 3D Live Map: In-field Insights

Make decisions a the field level with real time drone mapping


Analysis: Explore Drone Data

Accurate measurements including volume, distance and elevation.


Reports: Visual Record of your Site

Collaborate, communicate, and share drone data across your organization.

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Construction Monitoring

Apple Center, MBS

Every quarter, our drone filming team documents the construction progress of the Apple Centre at Marina Bay Sands from the air. This valuable information is shared with the Apple teams in Hong Kong, London, and the USA. 

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Drone Inspection

Hiap Seng / Vopak

Drone imaging for the chemical tank construction is an important aspect of the build process. It helps the builders and inspectors verify the work done in a more productive way and speed up the construction process.

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Tuas Stockpile

We create a 2D/ 3D map of a material stockpile for our client. By using DroneDeploy mapping software, the stockpile can be easily measured via volumetric calculations with up to 1% accuracy. This is an efficient and cheaper way to make measurements compared to conventional methods. 


CAAS Approved

Skyshot has an operator's permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. We ensure that all our flights are approved by CAAS & other relevant authorities

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Certified UAV Pilots

Skyshot's UAV pilots are certified by CAAS and they have many years of experience in drone aviation. 

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Public Liability Insurance

Skyshot is covered for S$1 million public liability insurance for all our UAV activities. The insurance coverage also includes video filming in engineering, marine & construction sites