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15 Timelapse Cameras Capturing Changi East Development

Since 2018, Skyshot has been documenting the development of Changi East. Our work began with setting up time-lapse cameras to capture the construction of the infrastructure works for the 3-runway system. As the project area expanded, the number of cameras extended to 10 units.

Subsequently, the Inter-Terminal Bored Tunnel or ITBT project started in 2021. The ITBT is the bored tunnel project connecting Terminal 2 (T2) and T5 at Singapore Changi Airport. Skyshot installed 5 Titan timelapse cameras for this tunnelling project.

The Changi East development covers a vast area of 1,080 hectares and has been designed to enhance Changi Airport's capacity in the future. This expansion project is Changi Airport's most significant to date. It comprises Terminal 5 (T5), the airport's fifth terminal, a three-runway system, tunnels, other underground systems, and aviation support facilities.

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