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A Bird's Eye View - Film Series with Cinematic FPV Drone

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Skyshot was engaged by Uniform, a local agency to film a series of short films featuring unique shops & individuals in the Singapore CBD area. A Bird’s Eye View is a series produced with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board’s SG Stories Content Fund Season 2, where Biddy the bird uncovers hidden gems in the CBD. The start and end of every short film (Biddy's perspective) was shot by our FPV team. Using the Cinelog25 cinematic FPV drone, we were able to create a bird's eye view of the Singapore city landscape, as Biddy flies to different destinations in search of his family. Watch more at Check out more stories at

Episode 1: The Ones Who Are Building A Greener Future

Featuring: Edible Garden City, urban farmers championing food security; The Fashion Pulpit, a boutique for clothes-swapping; and Fawn Labs, a bespoke organic skincare lab.

Episode 2: The Ones Who Are Supporting Local Talent

Featuring: The Analog Vault, a record shop that supports local music; Sultans of Shave, an elevated barbershop experience; and Choo-P Leathercraft, an artisanal designer-maker of leather goods.

Episode 3: The Ones Who Are Keeping History & Culture Alive

How important are traditions to you? In the third and final episode of A Bird’s Eye View, we discover how The Coconut Club, Musical Box Museum, and Viewpoint Trading & Collectibles are keeping Singapore’s history and cultures alive in our modern society. Traditional nasi lemak elevated, a collection of curios from back in the day, and intricate musical boxes crafted decades ago—here’s a peek at what you can expect from these businesses.

Skyshot offers a first-person view, FPV drone filming. These drones are capable of awesome speed and agility. Cinematic FPV drones are smaller and more agile than our fleet of larger drones. They create a fresh & new aerial perspective, similar to a bird's view.

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