DJI S900 Octocopter


Skyshot has many years of experience providing aerial filming with drones and helicopters. We are the only aerial company in Singapore to provide alternative aerial platforms like the Crane Cam, Posmo and Skypole.

  • – Aerial Cinematography / Photography
  • – Drone Mapping / Inspection
  • – Helicopter Filming
  • – Drone Training
Timelapse production with Titan2 DSLR Timelapse Camera


Skyshot is Singapore’s largest time-lapse video production company. We have a specialised team of time-lapse professionals dedicated to producing short & long term time-lapse projects.

  • – 4K DSLR quality time-lapse photography.
  • – AC or solar powered.
  • – Over 50 time-lapse cameras deployed.
  • – Live monitoring, instant access to images.
CK Chan and Kenneth Chua from Skyshot


From deep tunneling projects to skyscrapers, our crew are equipped to handle the challenges of filming construction and engineering works.

NDP- floating platform-titan2 timelapse camera
NDP Parade 2018 – 3 months time-lapse of the build-up

Skyshot just set up a Titan2 time-lapse camera to capture the build-up at the floating platform for NDP 2018.

CK Chan
Bizsafe 3 – Safety Standards Certification

Skyshot is Bizsafe 3 certified. This certification is crucial for our works in engineering, construction site.

CK Chan
Bronco 3 – Filming in UK

Made in Singapore amphibious vehicle making a splash on UK off-road track.

CK Chan
BBC – Drone Filming of Otters

A London – based BBC wildlife team came to Singapore for 2 weeks in Dec 2017.

CK Chan
2 year Time-lapse Project for Marina Bay Sands

The time-lapse cameras will capture a new construction project at the Marina Bay Sands waterfront.

CK Chan
Time-lapse Video of Aircraft Painting – Flybondi

Skyshot Singapore produced a 2-week time-lapse video with the Tbox Titan2 time-lapse cameras.

CK Chan