Our aerial filming services extend beyond Singapore to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Indonesia & Sri Lanka. The challenges of aerial filming in different environments push us to innovate new and unique aerial platforms beyond drones. We designed & built the Skypole, the only telescopic camera in Singapore, which can be used for aerial & time-lapse filming. The Crane Cam, Posmo and tethered drone are several solutions we have to overcome drone no-fly zones.


Our award-winning team has more than 20 years of experience filming factual and fictional programs for local & international broadcasters. Our recent aerial filming support for TV programs include Frontier Borneo for Discovery Channel Asia, which takes us into the deep jungles of Borneo. Another documentary, Wild City for Channel News Asia explores the wild side of Singapore

Inspire 2 X5S

360 VR with Insta360

  •  Seamless 360° top & bottom camera

  •  4K Resolution

  •  Mavic 2 Pro drone 

  •  20.8 Megapixel photo, 5.2K video

  •  12.8 stops of dynamic range

  •  Record in Prores 4444XQ, 422


Filming in Restricted Airspace

Singapore has very strict drone "No-Fly" zones around Seletar and Changi Airport. This area of restriction covers most of the eastern and northern parts of Singapore. Skyshot, along with our aerospace engineering partner, Flare Dynamics, developed the LIFELINE tethered drone system that allows us to operate in these drone "No-Fly" zones. The LIFELINE tethered drone has a micro-tether line attached to the drone. It is powered only by the ground battery system, with no onboard batteries in the drone allowed. So there is no chance for the drone to malfunction and "fly away" remotely. The drone flight height is limited by the tether length of 60 meters, well suited for low high-air traffic areas. It is certified by the CAAS for use in Singapore. 


Drone Inspection

UAVs are a safe & cost-effective way to conduct aerial inspections for buildings, oil-rigs, and engineering structures. Our drone camera can be equipped with a power zoom lens to get high quality 18-megapixel aerial photos & 4K videos of your project. A structural inspection is traditionally a labor-intensive and high-risk assignment, this job can now be done by a drone with minimal risk.

Helicopter Filming

While drones are limited to a maximum operating height of 60 meters by CAAS, helicopters can fly much higher and longer than drones. Thus the area of coverage is significantly larger than drones. Skyshot regularly conducts heliborne aerial photography for large-scale projects like the reclamation project in Pulau Tekong. We have also done helicopter aerial shoots in regional countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Crane - Remote Cam 

Secured to an industrial crane, the Crane Cam is a remote control DSLR camera system for high-resolution aerial photography. The key advantage of Crane Cam is the ability to shoot in drone no-fly zones. One example is the LTA road construction project near Paya Lebar Airport where drone flights are prohibited. With the Crane Cam, we are able to conduct monthly aerial filming for this project.

Drone mapping & Photogrammetry

We do our drone mapping with Pix4D, the industry standard for photogrammetry software. Drone mapping is used in the construction and engineering industry to create 3D maps, volumetric calculations, and other image analysis. Skyshot has completed 3D mapping projects like earthworks, infrastructures and other data-driven studies. 

Tethered Drone

Conventional drones have 2 major weaknesses. They have a limited flight time and they are not allowed in restricted airspaces like airports. Powered from the ground up by a portable battery pack, our tethered drone has a persistent power supply for extended flight time. It is well suited for aerial building inspections, security operations, and other assignments where continuous operation is crucial.

360 VR Drone Filming

Ever wonder how it feels like to be flying? To be able to see the land below you and the vast surrounding landscape? Now imagine having the ability to experience that without having to leave your own home. Aerial 360 and VR is the latest development that allows viewers to go anywhere and be immersed in the environment from a bird’s eye view. A game-changer in the video production and distribution landscape.

CAAS Approved

Skyshot has an operator's permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. We ensure that all our flights are approved by CAAS & other relevant authorities

Certified UAV Pilots

Skyshot's UAV pilots are certified by CAAS and they have many years of experience in drone aviation. 

Public Liability Insurance

Skyshot is covered for S$1 million public liability insurance for all our UAV activities. The insurance coverage also includes video filming in engineering, marine & construction sites 


What is the best time to try kayaking?

Kayaking is much easier to do than paddleboarding when it is windy. For that reason, we allow kayaks to launch in winds greater than we do for paddleboarding. This is because the kayaks are heavier, sit lower in the water, and the paddler is seated rather than standing. We will launch kayaks in wind up to 15 miles per hour, but it is much more enjoyable to come out when the wind is 10 miles per hour or less. Morning hours and early evening hours are magical, even if the air temperature is a little lower!

What should I wear?

Try layering in clothing made of polyester, nylon, spandex or other synthetics. Cotton will soak up water and won't dry quickly. Think of wearing what you would wear if you were going to the gym for yoga, or going for a jog. A light windbreaker is a good idea too. Ideally, a short wetsuit during Spring and Summer months and a full suit during Winter can be used. Both wetsuits and drysuits can be rented from the shop if you forget to wear the proper clothing!

Can I bring my dog?

We use sit-on-top style kayaks rather than sit-inside kayaks because we want paddlers to be able to self rescue in the event of capsize. This means that there is no comfortable place for a dog to sit. We consider dogs on a case by case basis. If your dog is 25 lbs. or less, has a float vest and lead, and is familiar with the water and can sit still, we may allow you to carry a dog.

Should I take my phone?

Sure... if you have a dry case and a way to keep it afloat if you drop it! We rent and sell dry bags from our shop if you don't have one. It's great to be able to take photos of your outing! But it's a real bummer to lose your phone. If you are paddling alone and want to bring a phone in case of emergency, consider renting one of our marine radios instead of bringing your phone. Also, we rent GoPro cameras so you can capture your memories of kayaking in beautiful Morro Bay!

What is the minimum age for solo paddling a kayak?

In our experience of renting equipment to a wide range of people over the course of five years, children who are younger than 10 frequently lack sufficient physical strength and coordination to paddle. This makes it difficult for kids to handle wind and tidal currents, and difficult to keep up with adults which leads to frustration. If conditions are ideal, with zero wind or strong tidal current, we sometimes make exceptions to this minimum age rule.

Can I rent a kayak if I have never done it before?

Sure thing! It's easy with the amount of instruction that we provide before launching you! You'll learn all the necessary basic things about launching, maintaining stability, and how to paddle, turn, and stop the kayak. We will make sure you are in a kayak that best suits your weight and skill level.

What types of kayaking equipment do you rent?

We have chosen to use equipment made in USA for our kayak rentals. Crescent Kayaks is a relatively young company but meet our requirements as a business dedicated to quality and performance. Our kayaks are built for comfort and stability and at the same time offer very straight tracking. We keep our equipment looking new at all times. Our paddles are performance paddles made by Bending Branches as well as Werner. Well designed paddles that are lightweight make for a more pleasurable paddling experience.


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