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Skyshot, along with our aerospace engineering partner, Flare Dynamics, developed the LIFELINE Tethered Drone system that allows us to operate in these drone "No-Fly" zones. Powered only by a ground battery system with no onboard batteries in the drone allowed, there is virtually no chance for the drone to malfunction and "fly away" remotely. The drone flight height is limited by the tether length of 50 meters, well suited for low high-air traffic areas. It is certified by the CAAS for use in Singapore. 


Concrete Wall
Mavic 2 -Lifeline tethered drone

LIFELINE Tethered Drone 

  • 2.5 hours of flight time

  • DJI Mavic 2

  • Portable ground battery unit

  • 20 megapixels

singapore map-drone no fly zone near airport

Filming in Restricted Airspace

Singapore has very strict drone "No-Fly" zones around Seletar and Changi Airport. Very often, this restriction extends to the 3 military airbases as well. This area of restriction covers around 50% of Singapore's airspace. However, CAAS can allow the use of tethered drones in these restricted areas. We have done many filming projects near Changi Airport, Seletar Airport, and Pulau Tekong, with our Lifeline Tethered Drone system.


CAAS Approved

Skyshot has an operator's permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. We ensure that all our flights are approved by CAAS & other relevant authorities

UAV pilot-caas.png

Certified UAV Pilots

Skyshot's UAV pilots are certified by CAAS and they have many years of experience in drone aviation. 

Public Liability Insurance

skyshot insurance.png

Skyshot is covered for S$1 million public liability insurance for all our UAV activities. The insurance coverage also includes, timelapse,  video filming in engineering, marine & construction sites 

AERIAL filming -tethered drone singapore (1).jpeg

With the tethered drone, we have filmed TV documentaries, new condominium launches, and commercial projects in Pasir Ris, Loyang & Tampines. These areas are out of bounds for conventional drones. 

flare tethered -INDUSTRIAL.jpg

Some of our customers are using the Lifeline Tethered Drone for building inspections, and other industrial-related works. Lifeline's long battery life provides the users with more operating time, compared to conventional drones. 

Construction updates -tethered drone singapore (1).jpeg

Skyshot conducts monthly construction filming updates for a number of projects near Changi Airport. This includes the Changi Airport East development, road upgrading in Pasir Ris, and reclamation works in Pulau Tekong.

lifeline-tethered drone - EVENT (1).jpg

The tethered drone allowed us to film live events like the National Day Parade Rehearsal at the Yio Chu Kang Stadium. The 2.5 hours of battery life means less downtime and longer coverage.

lifeline-tethered drone - aviation.jpg

The Lifeline Tethered Drone is used regularly by the Changi Airport Group for runway & aviation inspections. It has also been used for aircraft crash site testing and mapping.

defense surveillance with lifeline tethered drone.jpeg

Lifeline Tethered Drone is used overseas for defense purposes. It is currently also used in Australia for coastal search & rescue efforts and shark watch.

Featured Projects

CAG dorms-skyshot construction drone filming

CAG Dorms

The CAG dorms were built within the Changi East Development, several hundred meters from a busy runway. The Lifeline Tethered Drone enables us to document this project from the air, something impossible with a conventional drone.

Eng Lam- Skyshot construction tethered drone filming

Pasir Ris Road Upgrade

This LTA road upgrading project in Pasir Ris area is within Changi Airport's drone no-fly zone. Lasting 3 years long, we have been documenting this project with our tethered drone, every month. This project requires many drone launches, covering all major roads in Pasir Ris and Loyang area. 

APSG- Skyshot construction drone filming

Pulau Tekong Infilling

Skyshot is the appointed filming company for all the 3 land reclamation projects in Pulau Tekong. Spanning across all the northern, eastern, and southern parts of the island, these multi-year projects is documented from the air with our Lifeline Tethered Drone.

  • Which is better? CCTV Time-lapse or DSLR Time-lapse Camera?
    It really depends on your usage and requirement, and budget. We create a time-lapse comparison video and article on this to help users like you, make better decision on what's the best time-lapse system for you.
  • Do you sell the TITAN time-lapse camera
    Yes, we are the exclusive seller of Tbox time-lapse cameras in Singapore. Please, visit for pricing. However, if you need the TITAN X Remote, it is only available on a subscription basis. This is because the TITAN X Remote is a more advanced system that requires a professional setup with an FTP server and data cloud for remote monitoring and download of images.
  • Can Skyshot install time-lapse cameras beyond Singapore?
    Skyshot partners with Tbox users around the world to take on long term time-lapse projects. Let us know your requirement and we can assist you with your project. Contact Us
  • What if the time-lapse camera is stolen or damaged?
    Skyshot installs a physical lock on all our time-lapse camera cases to prevent theft. We also have public liability insurance for our projects. However, the client is responsible for any damage or loss due to vandalism or theft.
  • Are your cameras insured?
    Yes, our time-lapse camera systems are insured for public liability only. However, if you need an insurance for damage or loss, we can get a quote from our insurer for the duration of your project.system.

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