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“Hiring CK and his team was one of my best decisions of the year. In addition to being timely, efficient, creative, and a pleasure to work with, they quickly grasped my project objectives and delivered a project exceeding my expectations. I am delighted to recommend anyone for aerial photography and videography without reservations.”

Telunas Resort

David Sue
Marketing Advisor

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“Thank you for the time and effort for the time-lapse video, it is very well received by our internal and external stakeholders. The videos gave us an opportunity to document what went on during the build-up period.”

ST Engineering

Angela Chin
Corporate Communications


“It has been a great pleasure working with CK & his team. We would like to thank them for their efficiency and professionalism in delivering this project. I would highly recommend their team.”

LHN Group

Danny Wong
General Manager


“It was fantastic working with the Skyshot team. They are genuinely passionate and impressively proficient at what they do. Their experience clearly shines through and they move quickly and creatively throughout the entire project. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any company.”

Seagull Marine

Deputy GM (Facility)


“We like to thank Skyshot for the support towards Habitat for Humanity. It has been very pleasant to work with them as they have a genuine and dedicated team. We’re very impressed with the results (timelapse video), it enables us to see “the before, the process and the after”. Grateful for the support!

Habitat for Humanity

Jocelyn Tso
Programme Manager


“Thanks for the excellent work and also for untiringly going through all the changes. I can say I have not worked with such a dedicated and brilliant team in a long, long time. We sincerely appreciate it.”


Ian Cheng
Marketing Manager

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