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Experience the world in a different way. Virtual tours help your customers explore your space. Anytime. Anywhere.

The 360 Virtual Tour is an immersive tool that allows your customers to view any location/space from the comfort of their home or office. Using the latest 360 immersive technological solutions, accompanied by virtual tour photography, we create a seamless and captivating digital tour of an actual location, be it a home, hotel, museum, landmark, or destination. Better yet, they can access your location at any time, from anywhere in the world.


A 360 Virtual Tour is the ultimate tool for audience engagement and interaction. By presenting your venue in 360 degrees, we create a one-of-a-kind experience that will certainly keep your customers wanting more. 


Encompassing the latest in digital editing technologies, we allow your customers to navigate effortlessly and seamlessly around a virtual environment. They will be able to view your venue from every angle, access embedded content, and interact in a unique way with their virtual environment.

With more than 8 years of experience in drone aerial filming, time-lapse video, and engineering video production, Skyshot adds VR Tour to our suite of services to complete our clients' communication needs.

skyshot Virtual reality 360 multi screen

VR TOUR Works on
Every Platform

Our virtual tours are HTML, iOS, and Android-ready - that means customers can tour your location from anywhere in the world. It will work seamlessly across all platforms - PC, Mac, phones & tablets.

VR Improves Your Online Visibility

360 Virtual Tour gives you the freedom and flexibility to showcase your facilities in the most immersive and accurate way possible. 360 videos let you:

  • Put your audience directly where you want/need them to be.

  • Allow your customers to explore the space freely and comfortably.

  • Attract more visitors to your website and with the immersive experience, encourage them to stay longer.

  • Generate more sales through a captivating marketing experience.

  • Present your business in the best light possible, boosting reliability and increasing overall revenue.

  • Market yourself more successfully.

  • Take your clients anywhere in the world.

  • Leave a lasting impression on your clients.

  • Showcase your facilities and location 24/7.

  • Educate users about your venue, facilities, and other location-specific information.

  • Easily navigate from a desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

  • Add additional content and other appropriate media.

Virtual Tour for Your Business

A 360 Virtual Tour is a great way to showcase your space.

jewel Changi-skyshot timelapse.jpg


VR can be your virtual tour guide to take your audience to the tourist hotspots & attractions. You can embed online ticket sales into the VR tour also.

Skyshot Cleantech aerial shot.jpg


Sell your commercial spaces to potential business owners with 360 photos which will enhance the online viewing experience. 

marina one-condo-skyshot aerial.jpg

Real Estate

VR Tour is a great opportunity to reach out to a wider audience beyond Singapore. Embed floor maps to guide the audience through your property. 

Skyshot 360VR photo cafe.jpg


Showcase your ambiance with a virtual tour on your website and embed your menu, opening hours and other information as well.

skyshot singapore vr 360 tour real estat


Virtual Tours can make online shopping experiential. We can embed price tags, product information and purchase options to the shoppable objects in the virtual space.

skyshot Vr photography hotel reception.j


Reach out to a worldwide audience with a VR tour of your hotel rooms, function rooms, restaurants, and other amenities.

Interactivity with Virtual Tours

Interactive Virtual Tour offers an experience like the real world. The fully-navigable experience can be enhanced with shoppable products, pop-up images, floor maps, information, audio and videos to engage your audience.

Interactive Elements

Virtual Tour can engage through interactive pop-up images, floor maps, audio guides & video players.

skyshot VR tour- 360 with info embed.jpg


We can embed a pop-up box to provide more information about your attractions and services. With photos and website links, these infoboxes can greatly enhance the learning and virtual tour experience. 

skyshot VR interactive 360 with hotspots


Hotspots enable the viewers to travel hop from one location to another within the 360 virtual space. 

skyshot VR tour-video embed.jpg


Videos can be cleverly embedded on walls and screens in the VR space to further enhance the immersive interactive experience. Videos can help your audience better explain your company, product & services.

skyshot interactive VR tour with google


To guide your audience through a virtual tour, Google Maps can be designed to appear next to the 360 panorama. The Google Maps also shows the direction of the panoramic view as the audience navigates left & right in the scene.

360° Filming Drone

Seamless 360 experience

Our Mavic Pro 2 has been geared up with the latest Insta360 One R cameras to create 4K VR photos & Videos. With 2 cameras on the top and bottom of the drone, the 3D experience is seamless, without the drone in the shot. This is unlike other 360 drones that carry a single VR camera at the bottom of the drone, which causes the drone to be inevitably captured in the shot.

insta360 with mavic drone2.jpg
insta360 pro2.jpg

Pro- level 360° Filming 

Ultra 8K Video / Photo

The Insta360 Pro 2 is the 360 camera of choice for professional VR filmmakers. The resolution and quality are simply mind-bending. The Insta360 Pro 2 can also be used for live-streaming of events and product launches. Contact us for more details. 

Personal Customized Solution

With more than 20 years of video production experience, our team will create a virtual tour that will be customized to need your communication needs. Here is how to do it.

skyshot 360 vr tour scripting planning.p


Pre-production planning is crucial for the success of a Virtual Tour. Every space is carefully studied in 360 degrees, to ensure that we can cleverly embed all the interactive elements into the virtual space. We’ll work closely with you to explore the best way to showcase your location.

skyshot singapore Vr camera filming 360

360 Shoot

VR shoot is fun and challenging at the same time. Skyshot uses state of the art 360 camera to shoot panoramic photos and videos. The photos are captured in high-resolution HDR format to ensure that we have the best image to manipulate in post production.

skyshot-VR tour production - graphics ic

Post Production

This is where the magic happens. The panoramic photos are digitally processed for optimal colour, contrast, and sharpness.

Next, the images are added to a virtual tour software to create the tour experience with directions and google map orientation. Lastly, we will embed information links, photos, videos to make the VR tour interactive. 

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