Singapore’s Leading Time-lapse Production Company

Skyshot is Singapore’s leading time-lapse video production house. We have a team of time-lapse professionals dedicated to servicing short-term & long-term time-lapse projects across Singapore. In the last 8 years, we have completed more than 50 time-lapse projects. 


While some short-term projects like event set-ups take several days, most of our construction time-lapse projects last several years. The production of all time-lapse projects follows a 3-phase process: Planning, Capturing and Editing.



During the planning stage, we assess the site for suitable positions to place the time-lapse camera. We will also consider other factors like the availability of AC power, obstructions, permits if the camera is installed in a 3rd-party location, etc. Then, we will recommend the best possible configuration for the time-lapse.

The costing component will typically consist of:

  1. A one-time system installation fee.

  2. Monthly time-lapse camera rental & maintenance fees.

  3. Compiling & editing of the time-lapse video.

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Depending on the size and layout of the project, single or multiple time-lapse cameras may be recommended for optimal coverage. With the TITAN3 Remote, we can monitor the cameras remotely. Typically, we visit our time-lapse cameras monthly to do a general inspection. If the client needs weekly or monthly media reports, we can prepare the deliverables.

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After the time-lapse capturing is completed, our post-production team will begin to handle the thousands of images. This process may involve video editing, music, voiceover narration, motion graphics, titling, 2D and 3D animation. Once the project is completed, we “render” the video into the resolution & format of your wish. Finally, we archive all the data in our LTO-5 tape archival system to keep it secure.


  • Lasting 1 month or less

  • Camera checks every few days

  • Powered by lithium battery lasting 1 month

  • 5-minute camera intervals


  • Lasting several months to years

  • Camera checks every month

  • Powered by solar panels

  • 15-minute camera intervals

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Short-term time-lapses are usually short enough to run on the power of an external battery, whereas long-term time-lapses require either regular battery changes or the installation of solar panels or an AC supply. Our TITAN3 runs on power-dense lithium-ion batteries that can last for more than a month on its own, providing an extra layer of reliability.



Short-term time-lapses that last a day or less can be done using manual settings. However, for long-term time-lapse, this is not recommended due to varying luminance throughout the day. We use an aperture-priority setting that allows us to maintain the depth-of-field of the frame, letting the camera compensate for exposure using shutter speed.



For manned, short-term time-lapses, depending on the situation, we recommend using the tightest possible interval that the camera can handle while not compromising on your shutter speed. This can result in an interval as short as 2 seconds in bright daylight to 30 seconds in night settings. On long-term time-lapses where the subject changes very slowly over months and years, we use intervals ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, an economic as well as creative decision.

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Most short-term time-lapses can simply be contained in a single SD or CF card, whereas the extended duration of long-term time-lapses entails either regular card-swapping or connecting the camera to a mini-PC with an external hard drive. Data accumulated from our long-term time-lapses easily go up to hundreds of gigabytes, so we prepare individual hard drives as extra back-up for each project, in addition to a dedicated server.

tbox titan3 DSLR timelapse camera by sky

TBOX – Modular Time-lapse Camera System

Skyshot is the creator of the TBOX time-lapse camera system, a versatile time-lapse camera system that can be set up in both indoor or outdoor locations. Multiple systems can be installed and connected to a central server, allowing them to be monitored from a single system. Unlike other time-lapse systems that use inferior CCTV technology, the TITAN3 time-lapse system uses Canon DSLR technology to capture high-quality 18-megapixel photos, producing UltraHD 4K videos.

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4G / WiFi
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The challenge in producing a long-term time-lapse is not knowing if the cameras are functioning properly. The TITAN3 Remote allows us to monitor our systems remotely via 4G/WiFi, so our team can be effectively deployed when needed.

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The TITAN3 Remote captures high-res photos in regular intervals, simultaneously uploading the data to our cloud server multiple times a day. This allows our clients to view and retrieve the time-lapse photos from a desktop or mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

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With most of our long-term time-lapse projects lasting 3 to 5 years, it is important to plan for the future. With TV broadcast technology moving towards 4K UltraHD, we shoot with the latest DSLR cameras to achieve 4K quality images.

titan2 timelapse 4K resolution.jpg

Our long-term time-lapse cameras shoot at tight 15 to 30-minute intervals, around the clock, 24/7.  Our clients use these valuable high-resolution photographs to track daily construction progress. The images are also used for progress reports and presentations.

titan2 timelapse progress report images.
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Our 9 Meter telescopic pole is pneumatic & self-locking. Great for time-lapse production. It can also be used as an aerial filming platform. The Skypole is a 9-meter portable mast for capturing images from a vantage point. This weather-proof versatile unit can be deployed for short-term to long-term projects. Skyshot is proud to be the only company in Singapore with the Skypole telescopic mast for aerial photography and time-lapse production.


Every project comes with its unique challenges and our team handles them with customizing mounts & solutions. With more than 19 years of engineering video production experience behind us, we will be glad to take on the next challenge. Contact us for a free consultation and site visit today.

TBOX – Mounting Options

We have many ways to mount the time-lapse camera, on the wall, column and, pole. On many occasions, we will customize the mount based on the location's needs. 

Tbox time-lapse camera mounting options- Skyshot singapore.jpeg


Which is better? CCTV Time-lapse or DSLR Time-lapse Camera?

At Skyshot, we produce our time-lapses exclusively with DSLRs. Not only are there little to no downsides to using DSLRs, the quality of the end-product, the time-lapse, is unequivocally better when shot with a DSLR. We have narrowed down the comparison between a DSLR-time-lapse and a CCTV-time-lapse into 3 key factors.
Better image quality - This is the biggest selling point for us. The DSLRs we use use mostly APS-C sensors, while the sensor sizes of CCTV cameras range from 1/2.7” to 1/3.2”, a difference in area of more than 15 times. This means for every image captured, our cameras record 15 times more data than CCTVs, allowing you to zoom in into details whenever needed. Images captured by CCTV are also highly compressed in order to maximise data-streaming usage, whereas our DSLRs capture JPEG images at the highest settings to minimise compression.

Lower data usage - CCTVs stream video 24 hours throughout the day, resulting in huge and costly data consumptions and storage requirements. Capturing still images with a DSLRs is still far more economical and efficient, despite the much higher quality.

Lower power usage - CCTVs run 24/7 while our cameras are only activated when the shutter is triggered, resulting in much lower power consumptions.And there you have it. As you can see, there is literally no reason not to use DSLRs over CCTVs for the purpose of creating a time-lapse.

Do you sell the TITAN3 time-lapse camera

Yes, we are the exclusive seller for TITAN3 time-lapse camera in Singapore. Pls visit for pricing. However, if you need the TITAN3 Remote, it is only available on a rental basis. This is because the TITAN3 Remote is a more advance system that requires professional set up with FTP server and data cloud for remote monitoring and download of images.

If I purchase the TITAN3 Time-lapse camera, can Skyshot install it?

Yes, we can. Do send us a picture of the location you wish to set up and we can work out the mounting and powering options.

Can Skyshot install time-lapse cameras beyond Singapore?

Skyshot partners with Tbox users around the world to take on long term time-lapse projects. Let us know your requirement and we can assist you with your project. Contact Us

What if the time-lapse camera is stolen or damaged?

Skyshot installs a physical lock on all our time-lapse camera cases to prevent theft. We also have public liability insurance for our projects. However, the client is responsible for any damage or loss due to vandalism or theft.

Are your cameras insured?

Yes, our time-lapse camera systems are insured for public liability only. However, if you need an insurance for damage or loss, we can get a quote from our insurer for the duration of your project.system.


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Our TBOX Time-lapse Camera System is sold to over 15 countries worldwide.
We also have joint ventures in Thailand & Malaysia to provide time-lapse production services.