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Engineering & Construction Video Production

Our background is 21 years of experience in broadcast TV and corporate video production. Since we started Skyshot in 2013, we have completed more than 50 construction and engineering video projects across several countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam. Our crew are trained to handle the unique challenges of construction and engineering video productions, managing multiple industrial video projects across Singapore.

inspire-2-aerial drone filming by skysho


Skyshot is one of Singapore's leading aerial filming companies. Our fleet of drones include the DJI Mavic Pro 2, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 &  Inspire 2. We also have the Lifeline Tethered drone system that allows us to conduct UAV activities within Changi Airport's, 5km drone "no-fly" zone. A number of our engineering and construction-related clients engage us to conduct bi-weekly or monthly aerial filming for construction and engineering projects in Singapore.


tbox timelapse DSLR camera by skyshot si


There is a growing demand for time-lapse filming for construction and engineering projects worldwide. The time-lapse videos are also used by our clients for monthly progress reports and marketing materials. Skyshot is the number one time-lapse filming company in Singapore. We created our own Tbox time-lapse camera in 2013. Since then, we have installed more than 110 time-lapse cameras in Singapore alone. We use DSLR-based time-lapse camera systems to capture high-quality photos at regular intervals to create awesome 4K videos. Most of our long-term time-lapse projects last for 2 to 5 years.


360VR tour camera-skyshot singapore.jpg


Our latest addition is VR filming. Using the latest technologies in 360 photography, Skyshot has created numerous 360 filming projects. VR Tours allow our construction & engineering clients to bring their projects to a worldwide audience. Interactivity is further enhanced with embedded audio & video guides, maps, directions, and links. Our clients also use VR environments as training and safety learning journey. 

Public Liability Insurance

skyshot insurance.png

Skyshot is covered for S$1 million public liability insurance for all our video productions. This coverage includes all our services like drone filming, time-lapse filming, and VR Tour productions in Singapore and Asia.

UAV pilot-caas.png

Certified Crew

Skyshot's video production crew are qualified by WSQ to work in construction projects and chemical processing plants. With proper training, we are experienced in working at height and confined spaces. 

BizSafe3 logo.png


Skyshot is Bizsafe-3 certified. It reflects our commitment to safety and risk-management implementation.


construction video-changi east.jpg
Changi East Infilling

Client: Hyundai Engineering for HDB
Duration: 3 years – in progress
Job Scope: Our work for this project includes ground shoots, complemented by a drone aerial shoot every 3 months, and time-lapse from 2 units of Titan 2 on-site. The deliverables will be a mid-term video and a final video at the end of the project.

APSG- Skyshot construction drone filming.jpeg
Tekong Area B

Client: Toa Corporation
Duration: 7 years – in progress
Job scope: This is one of the largest infilling projects in Singapore. Skyshot is engaged to conduct drone filming every month. This project also includes the use of 360 VR to track the construction progress. 

Punggol bridge- Skyshot construction drone filming.jpg
Punggol Central Bridge

Client: Guan Joo / Wan Sheng How
Duration: 24 mths – in progress
Job scope: The bridge which spans over Punggol Serangoon Reservoir will be build using the form traveler method. Skyshot conducts aerial filming every 3 months, along with regular ground filming. We will also be installing time-lapse cameras to film the bridge construction process.

construction video - bidadari.jpg
Bidadari Earthworks 

Client : Guan Joo Construction
Duration : 4 years – in progress
Job Scope : Our work for Guan Joo comprises of ground shoots twice a month, complemented by a drone aerial shoot every 3 months, and time-lapses from a single Titan 2 on-site.  A final video combining footage from all 3 perspectives is in the works.

Eng Lam- Skyshot construction drone filming.jpg
Pasir Ris Road Upgrade

Client: Eng Lam Contractors
Duration: in progress

Job scope: Aerial drone filming is done monthly for this project using a tethered drone due to the close proximity to Changi Airport. 

construction video Tekong Polder.jpg
Tekong Polder

Client: Penta-Ocean / Boskalis
Duration: 48 mths – in progress
Job scope: This is the first polder project in Singapore. It is also our third long-term filming project in Pulau Tekong. Skyshot is also documenting the reclamation in works with time-lapse cameras, regular ground filming, and tethered drone photography.

construction video - tekong hyundai.jpg
Tekong Infilling

Client: Hyundai E&C
Duration: 7 years – in progress
Job scope: This is one of our largest projects as far as both duration and size go. We carry out monthly ground filming to document site progress as well as ad-hoc filming for important events. 

TPE- Skyshot construction filming.jpg
PIE/TPE Viaduct

Client: Hwa Seng Builders
Duration: 42 mths – in progress
Job scope: Video filming with time-lapse support to document the construction progress and milestone.  

Changi Airport East Development-titan2 t
Changi Airport East

Client: Hock Lian Seng / Semcorp Industries
Duration: 48 mths – in progress
Job scope: The project involves supporting infrastructures around the airport’s second runway and taxiway pavement. Our works involve ground filming & time-lapse video production.

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