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Aerial Filming for Avengers - Live Event

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The Skyshot Drone team was assigned as the aerial coverage team for the Avenger Infinity War red carpet event in April 2018.

This setup at Marina Bay Sands was more complicated as it involves a live feed to the main screen for the event. So timing and coordination were paramount. We had to be in sync with the main control command tower that was directing 9 cameras on the ground as well.

To prepare for this event, our team arrive in the evening, one day before the event to do a location recce and test flight. We map out all the high structure and potential hazards like the buildings, construction crane, and light display art structure.

board for aerial filming planning
Noting down the distance and height of the flight hazards is important for night shoot where visuals are limited.

Using the Nikon Forestry pro rangefinder, we wrote down the distance and height of each of these hazards and factor them into the planning of the drone flight path and safety limits. It is important to do these during daylight as the rangefinder was limited at night.

Nikon forestry pro for aerial filming purpose
A rangefinder is an indispensable tool for drone filming

A barricade was set up around the launch point for public safety. The location of the launch point was moved to the edge of the platform and the flight path is over water only. These measures were done intentionally for public safety.

Barricades public safety in outdoor events
Barricades for public safety during drone takeoff & landing

Find out more about Skyshot and the services we provide like aerial filming and time-lapse video production. Contact us if you have any filming hacks to share.

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