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Canberra MRT - Engineering Video

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Canberra MRT Station is an upcoming above-ground station along the North-South Line (NSL).

Canberra MRT Station - Artist Impression

Skyshot has been commissioned to film this project on a monthly basis since 2016.

Canberra MRT is built on an existing train line, which is active almost 24/7. Thus, any construction work that may interrupt the train services has to be done when the train line is inactive for the few hours past midnight.

By September 2017, deep foundation works for the station had been completed and construction proceeded to the next stage in which the platform slabs were cast. In May 2018, LTA announced the station construction is 55% completed.

Skyshot will be producing the final construction video when the project is completed in 2019.

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