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Must Know – FPV Drone Shots & Transitions

FPV drones are fast and agile and can make acrobatic moves that conventional drones can't. They can make swift & tight turns, rolls, and spirals. But they can also dive and make flips too.

We love FPV filming because they are can fly into tight spaces, and move from room to room, opening up new and exciting filming possibilities.

Here are some FPV drone moves that can help you plan the shots and add unique transitions to your next epic video.

1. Rolls, Spins, and Spiral

In this video, we are using the orbiting movement as a transition. It definitely helps when the 2 objects you are orbiting around are similar. Planning is essential when making these tight maneuvers. Make sure you have all the safety in place when you fly.

2. Pillars & Walls

The most commonly used transition is using walls as transition points. It is the easiest quick-fix solution to transit from one room to another. Just make sure the wall is a vertical or horizontal straight line so masking out in post-production is easier. By adding a speed ramp to the transition in post-production, it will appear seamless.

3. Flips - Using the Sky

This is a feature that is unique to FPV drones, setting them apart from conventional drones. We love using flips at the end of an FPV video, a good way to transition to the end graphics like our client's logo. However, these are technically challenging maneuvers. So make sure you plan for them with plenty of space and safety in place.

4. Dives

Cinematic dives are great and there are 2 scenarios that we like to use them for. We often start a scene with a high-attitude shot, establishing the location, then the drone dives down to follow the subject. It makes a good opener for a video by starting a journey.

5. Work with your talents

If there are talents in the video, find ways to incorporate them in planning the transitions. Sometimes, the transition can be a simple walk pass, in front of the drone to create a transition. Other times, the talents can interact with the drone, to create more creative transitions.

Skyshot is an award-winning film production house with many years of drone filming experience. Let us assist you in your next filming project.

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