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Posmo – (Pole + Osmo) an Alternative Aerial Camera

The Posmo (Pole + Osmo) is a rig consists of an audio boom pole with a DJI Osmo & smartphone attached to it. The Pole can extend to a maximum height of 4 meters, which is a decent height for an over-the-head perspective of the shooting location.

Designed by Skyshot, the Posmo is born out of necessity. Many years of experience working in crowded places teach us that flying a drone overhead is simply too dangerous. The solution is the Posmo. We operate the Posmo like a Steadicam or a Ronin. The principles of movement for these stabilized camera platforms are the same. Take small steps with your feet and make your movements as smooth as possible, to reduce the “bobbing’ effect in the camera.

Posmo – on a half extension.

Great for Crowded Areas

Aerial photography or videography, especially in crowded areas like markets, streets and events, require a special approach. You cannot use tools like a drone or cables or other contraptions. You need a set-up that is not only secure but also completely reliable. There should not be any risk associated with operating the rig in public, especially in crowded places. Even if you can mitigate the risks, getting an aerial filming permit from the authorities will be a challenge. The Posmo fits the bill perfectly.

You can gently guide it down a pathway, a busy street or a have it stand on its own while it films from a vantage point high up.

Osmo bike mount comes with a mini spring arm that reduces the “bobbing effect” from walking the Posmo.

Longer operating time.

Most filming drones have a limited flight of 12 to 20 mins. It must have enough amount of power to make a controlled return back to the launching point. So your recording time is limited. With a Posmo, your recording time can much longer. You are limited by your own physical ability to carry the weight of the Posmo, which is about 5kg. By comparison, it is still lighter than a Ronin or a Steadicam.

More “Stealthy” than a drone.

Drones attract a lot of attention especially when they are flying low. For some people, the sound and sight of a drone flying nearby can be rather intimidating. We can all share the frustrations of ruined shots because of unwanted stares from strangers straight into the camera. In comparison, the Posmo silent and gets much less attention.

Viewing and operation can be done with the DJI Go app

Easy to operate

Anyone familiar with camera stabilizer like a Steadicam will find the Posmo really easy to use. We place a counterweight at the bottom of the pole to counter-balance the Osmo above. The Osmo removes any camera roll, tilts and small vibrations. Then we attach our phone at the pole at a comfortable height. The Osmo can be operated via WiFi connection with the DJI Go app. Another bonus is the camera pan and tilt can be adjusted when you press and hold the screen. It saves me a hassle lowering the Posmo to adjust the Osmo everytime I want to change the camera angle.

Super-clamp works as a counterweight.


The Posmo is certainly not as versatile as the drone due to its height limitations. It also cannot move fast or go over rough terrains smoothly. But it has become an important tool for us in certain applications.

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