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SE Asia’s Biggest Tank Lift

Weighing 400 tons, 28.5M diameter and 30M high, 3 tanks were built off-site and transported to Vopak’s oil storage terminal. This innovative tank construction approach minimized high risk activities in an operating terminal and improves safety and productivity.

Hiap Seng engaged Skyshot to document the construction of 4 chemical storage tanks for Vopak Singapore. To capture this project lasting 10 months, Skyshot installed 2 units of Titan2 time-lapse cameras from the start of the project in Oct 2018. The time-lapse cameras will be capturing DSLR quality images at a regular interval of 15 minutes throughout the construction period.

The Asian Hercules unloading the tank in Pulau Serabok

The 3 of the 4 tanks were built in Hiap Seng’s fabrication yard in Tuas, then transported by a heavy lifting vessel to Vopak’s oil storage terminal in Pulau Serabok. The transport was carried out by the Asian Hercules 2, a floating crane vessel capable of lifting 800 metric tons.

In late March 2019, Hiap Seng began the 6 day delivery of the 3 tanks. The process started with the rigging of the tank in the yard, which took about 2 hours. Once it was secured, the Asian Hercules 2 sailed for 5 hours to Pulau Serabok the next morning.

The rigging was done the night before the vessel sail off the next morning

Skyshot filming crew was on site to film the whole process with the Inspire 2 aerial filming drone and ground filming crew. The aerial hyper-lapse was done with the Mavic Pro 2.

Skyshot crew operating our Inspire 2 drone from the Asian Hercules lifting vessel

The next stage of the project will be the onsite finishing of the tank construction, slated for completion in June 2019.

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