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360 Aerial: Total Immersion from Above

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

360 aerial photography is now trending because of the technologies made available with the latest drones and stitching softwares.

360VR aerial photos and videos are now possible with drones

Virtual reality programs and technology has existed since the 1990s. Market adoption, however, has not picked up till the late 2010s. VR equipment and video production were bulky, costly and time-consuming to produce.

With today’s advancements in technology, we are now able to capture amazing panoramic images with so much detail, at a much lower cost. 360 cameras are now able to fit in the palm of your hand, and even mobile phones have fully integrated panoramic and stitching capabilities. Social media platforms are now built to integrate such medium, resulting in a greater proliferation of 360 videos and photos.

Now, what if we used 360 videos and photos to immerse viewers in places they have not gone before? With 360 aerial, flying without wings is becoming reality.

With the latest DJI flight control app, we are able to capture footage of any place from a bird’s eye view, in stunning detail. Once images are captured, we then process or stitch them together to form a 360 photo or video, that can be uploaded for viewing on social media platforms, or dedicated 360 platforms.

With the ability to immerse viewers in a landscape from above, we often receive enquiries from the real estate sector, where agents, sellers and investors seek to have a clearer and better picture of their property.

Below is an example of a 360 aerial VR that Skyshot produced.

Check our Skyshot's aerial filming and time-lapse video production services for more information about what we do.

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