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Bronco 3 – Filming in UK

Made in Singapore amphibious vehicle making a splash on UK off-road track.

The UK weather was kind to us. No rain on both filming days.

The Skyshot team was in UK for 1 week to film the Bronco 3 in action. Build by ST Kinetics, the latest Bronco all-terrain tracked carrier vehicle is designed to support a wide variety of mission sets through easy reconfiguration.

Drone filming with Phantom 4 Pro.

The filming days were very short due to the restricted hours in the military training ground. We had 1.5 days with the Bronco 3 before its return to Singapore. To maximise our time, most of our shots were done with 4 cameras; 2 DSLRs, 2 mounted Gopros and a drone. Supported by a UK drone team, we were able to accomplish all the shots we needed for this project.

Find out more about Skyshot drone aerial filming and time-lapse video productions on our website.

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