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Drone Advertising is Taking Flight

As unmanned aircraft activity becomes increasingly common over the years, drones are used for different purposes such as aerial filming, product delivery, and advertising. A few instances of drones being used to aid advertising campaigns have gone viral online and caught the attention of many people. Drones have been used to carry flyers past buildings, act as a flying billboard and promote events or products by flying banners. Glowing drones were even used to form the ‘Star Trek’ logo in London to promote the film ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. More and more companies are inclined to use drones to advertise after several successful examples.

Attention Grabbing People are able to spot a drone from afar as it is seen as a foreign object in the sky besides airplanes. With a great presence in the sky, people tend to notice it easily and focus more on the banner/flyer hung on the drone due to curiosity, having a wider outreach.

More Interactive Drones are flown around in mid-air, creating a sense of interaction with the audience instead of traditional advertising media such as billboards. The interaction between the drone and people also becomes a ‘wow’ factor for campaigns/events and the drone will leave a great impression on the people.


Of course, safety has to be the top priority in the midst of interacting with the drone. Drones must be flown in a controlled environment (indoor and outdoor) to lower the possible risks. Pre-planning of flight paths and avoid flying over crowded areas will also lower the danger of the public getting injured due to the drone.

Personal and Corporate Messages

Besides advertising, drones can also be used to carry messages for personal and corporate events such as proposals and birthday parties, basically at any event that requires the attention of the people. With the presence of a drone, it adds more fun and events become more interesting. Here is a video of how we used drones as flying lanterns at the launch of the Lantern Festival in Singapore’s Chinatown.

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