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Time-lapse of Aircraft Painting – Flybondi

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Skyshot Singapore produced a 2-week time-lapse video with the Tbox Titan2 time-lapse cameras.

The video documented the painting process of Flybondi’s first aircraft. The Flybondi aircraft was painted in the ST Aerospace facility in Seletar Airport. We were fortunate to have the assistance from various departments to expedite the security clearance for our crew and equipment.

The success of a time-lapse production depends on a secure camera installation and a stable power source. Any movement to the camera and the shot is ruined.

First thing is to select the right locations for the camera. After some consultations with the ST Aerospace staff, the Titan2 time-lapse cameras were installed at 2 locations. One top-down angle from the hanger’s upper-level and the other from the ground level. Next, we used a custom 40ah external battery for each time-lapse camera. The batteries can power up the camera for 1 month without charging.  We checked the time-lapse cameras several times during the painting process and time-lapse cameras worked flawlessly.

The remote timer was programmed at 2 minutes shooting interval. The photos were taken at 20 megapixels, a perfect size for 4K video production. We also did some ground video shoots close to the end of the painting process, to capture the finishing touches and final roll-out.

The post-production process involves rendering all the time-lapse photo images into video files. The final video editing took about 3 days in total.

Flybondi is the first low-cost airline in Argentina. Their goal is to double their commercial market and transport 8 million passengers at the lowest cost by 2021.

Skyshot is Singapore’s leading aerial filming and time-lapse video production house.

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