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Shaw Towers Demolition Time-lapse Video

Standing at nearly 200m with extensive views of Marina Bay and the city, the new Shaw Tower is expected to provide nearly 560,000 sq ft GFA inclusive of premium Grade A office and retail and F&B space.

Skyshot partners with Evercam on this project for Shaw TowSky shoters. We integrate DSLR quality time-lapse photos from our Tbox Titan 3 to Evercam’s online construction management software. There are many advantages to using Evercam advanced construction management software. Here are some reasons.

1. Live View Evercam provides live view of your construction site that can be accessed any time, from anywhere. Use your mobile, laptop, or tablet from the office, on the road, or even on-site. Having a 24/7 live view of your job site keeps you connected to your project from anywhere.

Instantly view the status of your project and monitor weather conditions, deliveries, and more.

2. Construction Compare Tool

The compare tool allows you to compare before and after images from your camera to see how your project has progressed over time and export it as a gif, mp4, or embed it straight to your website. This tool is a simple and easy way to create content for social media, internal communications, progress meetings, or stakeholder communications.

3. Digital Zoom

Evercam digital zoom catches every detail in your project with up to 18X beyond the basic zoom level.

4. Monitor Quality

Remotely review details of completed work from anywhere to monitor quality and progress.

Resolve any issues regarding quality by reviewing past footage to establish & to view errors during construction.

5. Edit Tool

The Evercam Edit Tool allows you to communicate visually by drawing and adding text to images of your construction site. With the image editor, you can write, highlight areas or add text to specific site locations on an image. Use the Bluer effect to easily highlight & anonymise images. Easily download the image and share it with your team members. Use it for your daily meetings to plan ahead and keep everyone on the same page.

Skyshot is Singapore's leading time-lapse filming company with more than 20 years of video production experience in Singapore. We have set up almost 200 time-lapse cameras in the last 8 years. Do contact us for more details.

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